Emergency plumber near me in Caversham, Henley or Reading?

Yes, we are!

AngusPlumbing emergency plumber on the way to a plumbing emergency

So, how do I find an emergency plumber near me in Caversham, Henley or Reading?

It’s something that we’re asked regularly.

The fastest way is to use the ‘Click to call now’ button at the bottom of the page or phone, text or WhatsApp us on 07442966664

When you do, our Caversham plumbers will take care of you and your plumbing emergency – stopping further water damage and fixing your pipes.

Or, you can book one of our local emergency Caversham plumbers with BookNow…. our online booking service and they’ll arrive when you want them and at your convenience.

A plumber when you want one....

With BookNow…. you’ll have complete peace of mind that a local Caversham emergency plumber near me – from Caversham’s leading plumbing company – AngusPLUMBING, will arrive at your home, at a time and day that suits you. 

It only takes a few clicks and does away with the stress, fuss and wait that’s needed to arrange other plumbers. 

We are local. Being based in Caversham and plumbing only in Caversham, Henley & Reading our plumbers will get to you quickly and within 15 minutes with normal traffic. And one thing’s for sure, we certainly won’t get stuck on the M4, A329, A33 or A4.

Plumbing emergencies we can help with....

Any unexpected, urgent or potentially dangerous situation with your home’s plumbing and water system that you can’t fix – and poses an immediate risk to your property or family’s health is an emergency and needs to be taken care of right away.

Our local emergency plumbers in Caversham specialise in fixing burst and leaking pipes. A pipe break can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, at any time day or night. And can burst anywhere with water pouring through floors, soaking through walls – damaging your home’s structure.

We’ve seen fallen/collapsed ceilings, plaster peeling from walls, ruined carpets, buckled wooden flooring, swollen and warped furniture and broken electricals – TV’s, cookers and fridges etc.

We’ve also seen water flowing from light fixtures! If this happens, immediately turn off the electricity to the affected area at the consumer unit – not just at the switch, and then call a plumber.

Your priority must be the safety of the people in the property. Always.

Other plumbing emergencies we regularly help with include:


Areas served: Caversham, Henley & Reading

Not just an emergency plumber!

We are Caversham, Henley & Reading’s

plumber near me

plumber in my area

local expert plumber

Helping homeowners quickly – emergency plumbing is an important part of our business. Much of our work though, is day to day plumbing, and plumbing that needs to be done, but not right there and then or on the day.

And you’ll find lots of examples of how our “near me plumbers” can help on our
CanWeHelp? page. In the meantime, we thought you’d like to know the things our customers regularly ask us to do:

Under sink plumbing and kitchen plumbing

Install and replace kitchen sinks, free up slow draining sinks, unclog blocked sinks and sinks filled with standing water, fix sink overflows, fit new pop-up drains, replace dripping and leaking under sink pipes and traps through to plumbing in washing machines, dishwashers, waste disposal units and ice making fridges.

Tap plumbing (fitting and repair)

Fix and fit all sorts of taps from mixers to spindles and ball to quarter turn ceramic cartridge. We also fit new easy turn ball stop-taps to replace old fashioned stopcocks or stop taps that need to be tested regularly and have a habit of jamming just when there’s an emergency or you need to turn off the water supply.

Bathroom and shower plumbing

Put in new baths, wash basins, showers and shower trays and help to design dream bathrooms and wet rooms. And when blockages do invariably occur, we free up and unclog shower, basin and bath pipes and drains.


Install and service heat pumps and unvented cylinders, fit radiators, free-up and unblock radiators that aren’t heating up and fix leaking radiators. We also change old radiator valves if they’re sticking or leaking and put in thermostatic and smart ones to give complete heating control and a fully zoned home. And yes, we also MagnaCleans powerflush to supercharge central heating and cut heating bills.  

Toilet plumbing

Unblock toilets, replace toilet siphons, fit new flush valves and flush handles, fix leaking toilet pipes (we’re leak repair specialists) and wastes and put in completely new toilet suites – even in lofts and basements.

Water softening

Fit water softeners as well as water conditioners – preventing limescale and mineral corrosion.

Outside and garden plumbing

Put in and insulate new garden taps as well as fit misters to keep cool and sprinkler systems to keep gardens green and blooming. And fit and clear gutters and guttering on garden rooms, outhouses, garages and sheds.

Why choose us?

Everything we do will help you to get the most out of your plumbing, keep you safe, protect your home and save you money. And with the minimum disruption and hassle. 

And of course, when we visit, we aim to fix every problem there and then and as quickly as possible.

.... we're plumbing experts!

Our plumbers are qualified and our work is guaranteed and insured.

.... we're on your doorstep

We live and only work locally – so can get to you quickly and without delay.

.... we've specialist knowledge!

We’re hard water plumbing experts and fix problems quickly and cost effectively.

.... we're easy to book!

A few clicks with our on-line booking system and you’ll have a plumber at your convenience.

.... we've great prices. Always!

Our tech – Smart phone video survey and on-line BookNow cuts our costs and saves you time.

For some of our customer feedback please see below. We hope that you find it helpful in choosing to use a local Caversham AngusPLUMBING plumber.

AngusPLUMBING memberships & recomendations

Thames Water, Watersafe, WaterRegs UK & CIPHE Recomended

As you’d expect were members of the plumbing and water management industry’s leading bodies and representative organisations – including The Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers (CIPHE) and Watersafe.

Watersafe is the national accreditation body for qualified and competent plumbers, water services specialists and water supply pipe installers in the UK. And a free online directory’s available on their website https://www.watersafe.org.uk.

Our plumbers including plumber Paul are the only recommended local plumbers in the Caversham and Reading area. They’re also the only Thames Water approved and recommended plumbers for Caversham and Reading. We’re also G3 certified so can service, repair and install unvented heating systems including Heatrae Sadia (Megaflow), Joule, Telford, Gledhill, Viessmann and Vaillant.

We will save you money

Water safety in the home is important.

Hiring a WaterSafe approved local Caversham plumber, ensures that all plumbing work is of a high standard.

By using unqualified plumbers who don’t know the law around fittings and fixtures can put your drinking and other water at risk and affect your family’s health and well-being.

Not only is using an unqualified plumber dangerous, it’s a false economy.

WaterSafe research reports that over a quarter, over 25% of people asked had fallen victim to a rogue plumber. And the cost to put mistakes right? This was on average £285, and in some cases thousands of pounds!


Local plumbers for local people!


Local plumber near me? AngusPLUMBING plumber

Our promise - we will keep you safe, protect your home and save you money.

Yes, we do like the word yes – it’s one of our favourites!

Yes, we’re all properly trained and experienced graduates of Reading College’s Plumbing School (one of the UK’s best). And yes, we know and understand the issues and problems of living with the Thames Valley’s hard water. And of course, yes we do know how to deal with them quickly and without fuss or mess.

Plumbing done properly 
by Caversham local plumbers!

BookNow services....

Can I book a local Caversham plumber? 

Having a Caversham plumber when you want them – at your convenience, not theirs is part of the AngusPLUMBING service.

Book online

Customers have busy lives and we know that being able to organise a local Caversham plumber – from Caversham’s leading plumbing company – AngusPLUMBING, there and then, for a time and day that suits you and your family, will help you to better plan your day, reduce stress and make your life easier. 

In only a few minutes with BookNow…. you’re able to do this. 

You’ll have more time to do the things you like and need to, and spend less having your plumbing and water management sorted out!

With BookNow…. there’s no more leaving messages, filling out enquiry forms and dealing with call centres .

We always put customers first and make it as easy as possible to get what you want, when you want it and as quickly as possible. It’s how we do business.

Services our Caversham plumbers provide currently available on BookNow…. include unvented hot water cylinder servicing (this needs to be done annually) as well as quotes and estimates. 

There’s more in the pipeline and if you have any plumbing or water management services that you’d like to have from our local Caversham plumbers, please let us know and we’ll try our very best to make it happen.

Customer reviews

How important are customer reviews? 

Very important, as it turns out. The fact is 90% of people read social online reviews before visiting or using a business. And 88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

We’re really proud of our Caversham plumbing business, our plumbers and their work. As you’d expect we give free estimates and quotes (including by video), don’t charge call out fees, all work is guaranteed and there are no hidden extras. 

Oh yes, and we’re Caversham based so our local Caversham plumbers and emergency plumbers can get to you if you live in Caversham, Henley or Reading quickly day or night. None of our competitors can match this. 

You can find out more about our service in our FAQs.

We’d really like it if you’d take a moment to read some of our recent Google reviews. And of course all new customers have the bonus of an introductory discount. So when you’re looking for “a Caversham plumber near me” and choose to use AngusPLUMBING you’ll be glad that you did! 

Dave Rodda


“When I called Angus Plumbing they talked me through turning off the water to stop any further water damage. The plumber was at my door in less than 20 minutes and cut out and replaced the leaking copper pipe. 

Before he started he made sure I took some pictures of the carpet and floor for the insurance. He also cleaned up the flood with a wetvac which was great – didn’t know that you can hoover up water! 

Whenever I need a plumber – I’ll give Paul at AngusPlumbing a ring. He was great.”


Vicky Saxon


“I found Angusplumbing.co.uk on google and booked a video estimate using BookNow on their website. 

Paul gave me a fixed price which was good and arrived on time and sorted out the leaking washroom tap there and then. He also gave me a good quote for some new bathroom taps which I’ve asked him to fit when I’m working from home next week. 

Good service from a local business. Highly recommended”.


Jo Mason


AngusPLUMBING serviced my Megaflow hot water cylinder. 

It was great that I was able to book them on-line with their BookNow service. The engineer gave me a quick call before he arrived (on-time) to make sure that it was still convenient. He was very friendly and took the time to talk me though how the cylinder works and what to look out for if there are problems. 

I’ll definitely use them again – very trustworthy. And always good to see a successful local Caversham business.”


Meet some of our team....

AngusPLUMBING plumber Paul

Paul - plumber

Can I find out about Caversham local plumber Paul?

Paul took the opportunity COVID created and retrained as a plumber at Reading College – with the aim of setting up a future-proof Caversham Henley & Reading plumbers business with his son Angus. He went on to graduate top of his plumbing year and “works to a gold standard”. Paul regularly services unvented cylinders as well as heat pumps – both air source and ground source, installs baths, WCs and basins, fits immersion heaters, unblocks toilets and pipes, repairs and replaces taps, services and repairs radiators, power flushes central heating systems, plumbs in dishwashers and fixes low level guttering etc.

He is a qualified unvented cylinder engineer, a qualified heat pump engineer and Water Regs UK (formerly WRAS – Water Regulations Advsiory Scheme) certificated. Memberships include Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers.

Paul is the only WaterSafe and Thames Water approved plumber dealing with household plumbing and emergency plumbing in Caversham and Reading.

Angus WP

Angus - plumber

Can I find out about Caversham local plumber Angus?

Angus‘ Scottish-side of the family (Tom Smith – Master Plumber [Smith and Logan Plumbers]) have been plumbing for over 50 years in Edinburgh and Lothian and are the region’s “local plumbers near me”. With plumbing in his blood, Angus graduated in the top 10% of his college year and is a natural born plumber. He is a joint owner of AngusPLUMBING and for customers regularly fits taps, fixes and unblocks toilets, fixes leaking radiators, puts in basins, sinks and baths. He is a dab hand and particularly skilled at siliconing in both bathrooms and kitchens.

He specialises in cold water systems, hot water systems, central heating and drainage and sanitation.

For thought....

Angus wisdom....

As a nation we must really like our bathrooms and toilets! The average person spends five minutes six times a day in the WC. This works out as 210 minutes or 3.5 hours a week and 10,920 minutes a year. With Caversham life expectancy 82-ish years, there’s a good chance that over this time you’ll take 895,440 minutes which is 622 days or 1.7 years WC-ing. Luckily we have some local plumbers!

Albert Einstein apparently said “that if he had to do it all over again, he’d become a plumber”. As a result of this the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union in Washington, DC, made him an honorary member and a New York plumbers’ local union gave him a set of gold-plated plumbers’ tools. Wonder what the World would look like now if Albert was a local plumber, plumbing in Caversham Henley & Reading?

Ever seen a plumber bite their fingernails? Bet that you never will!