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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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When choosing the right Caversham plumber to help with your plumbing and emergency plumbing work we  know that you’ll have a lot of questions to ask.

It’ll give you the peace of mind needed to ensure you’ve made a good decision and the right choice of plumber. After all, your home is important and we know this.

So, we’ve answered the questions we’re regularly asked below – about our plumbing and emergency plumbing business.

If there’s anything else about AngusPLUMBING you’d like to know please get in touch….


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FAQ. Special offers & discounts*

Do you have plumbing special offers and discounts?

Value for money and great service aside, we’re always looking for ways to help our Caversham, Henley and Reading customers.

From time to time and for set periods only, we offer location based discounts, referral discounts as well as other special offers that may include discounts for types of plumbing and water management work. These are for plumber time only and not materials unless otherwise stated. Terms and conditions apply.

Working with other local businesses, we also provide discounts and special offers in partnership to their customers. OAPs – discounted rates are available, please get in touch to find out more.

All special offerers and discounts will be publicised on our website www.angusplumbing.co.uk – please bookmark the site, via email – please subscribe/sign-up to our news and on our social media – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. And of course if you’d like to find out more or have any related questions please drop us a line using the form below or email.

FAQ. Free expert plumbing tips and advice

And our Mastering – no frills series gives confident, capable homeowners and DIYers the knowledge and skills needed to troubleshoot and repair common plumbing problems with:


FAQ. Rates & charges

How much do your plumbers charge for their plumbing services?

Providing our customers good value for money has never been as important. We only work locally and as a small business have better technology and much lower overheads than many of our competitors. Some of these charge well over £120 per hour. And in the case of emergencies and out of hours considerably more. We’ve seen rates quoted of £150 per hour up to an eye watering £210 per hour plus a charge out fee and 20% VAT! Our Caversham local plumber hourly rates are £90 per hour. And we also provide estimates to help you budget and fixed quotes for large jobs and regular maintenance work. OAPs – discounted rates are available, please get in touch to find out more.

FAQ. Call-out fee

Do you have plumbers that don’t charge a call-out fee?

Yes. We do not use call out fees but do charge a 1 hour minimum and then in 30 minute units.  

  • 1 hour minimum charge on hourly Caversham local plumber rate work, then in 30 minute units.

  • Payment must be made in full upon receipt of the invoice by credit/debit card (our chip & pin machines provide a secure method) or in cash.

  • Estimates are generally non-chargeable, but some may incur a charge depending on the nature of the work, time, and location.

  • Fixed prices (*) are subject to VAT and can be provided either verbally or in writing upon request before work commences.

  • Materials are charged at trade prices plus a 25% mark up and are subject to VAT.

  • Material collection for non-stock items is kept to a minimum and will not exceed 45 minutes of the current hourly rate.

  • Invoices are digital (hard copies are available upon request) and show a full description of works including times and a full breakdown of labour and materials.

  • We do not surcharge for credit card payment

FAQ. Payment methods

Do your plumbers take cash and or debit and credit card payment? 

Yes we do.

Cash payments to be made directly to the Caversham local plumbing engineer. 

Credit/debit cards – we accept the following – Tap, ApplePay, Google Pay, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Maestro, Discover and Paypal.

FAQ. Plumbing estimates & quotes

Can I have free plumber/plumbing quote or estimate?

Free quotes and estimates are available Monday-Friday between 8am and 7pm. We also provide free video estimates and quotes done by smartphone to make life easier. If helpful, appointments can be arranged outside of these hours, and in urgent cases even faster with work starting immediately. Written estimates and quotes are emailed within 48 hours of the visit and are valid for one month, hard copies will be posted on request. To book an estimate or quote please use our online BookNow…. service.

FAQ. Guarantees

Do you guarantee your plumber work and materials?


For your peace of mind, we guarantee most of our plumbing jobs against faulty workmanship for 12 months. Due to the nature of certain works or repairs, such as drain blockages, we are unable to provide the 12 month labour guarantee. This will be clearly marked on your invoice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly local Caversham plumbers.  


Materials and parts supplied will be covered by a manufacturers guarantee or warranty. This typically ensures replacement or repair of faulty goods within a fixed period which is normally 12 months. Guarantees are legally enforceable, and details on how to make a claim should be included clearly. This is in addition to your rights as a buyer, which should be made clear in the guarantee.

FAQ. Areas we cover

As we have special plumbing offers and occasional discounts for our most local customers in Caversham (our plumbers also regularly work in Henley and Reading) we hope that you’ll follow our social media we’ll make sure that you don’t miss out!

Particular areas our plumbers work in include Caversham Heights, Mapledurham, Lower Caversham, Emmer Green, Kidmore  End, Cane End, Gallowstree Common, Peppard, Rotherfield Peppard, Checkendon, Sonning Common, Tokers Green, Crowsley, Binfield Heath, Dunsden Green,  Play Hatch, Shiplake, Sonning, Woodley and Charvil,

We also regularly work for customers in Henley and Reading.

FAQ. Is AngusPLUMBING on Check a trade, Trust a trader, Trusted traders, Rated people, My builder, Bark or The little green book?

No. We’re not. And we’ll explain why.

All of these (Check a trade, Trust a trader, Trusted traders, Rated people, My builder, Bark or The little green book?) are commercial, money making marketing organisations – trade versions of national business directories – Yell, Cylex, Yelp, Find open, BizifyPlumbers DirectoryHomeandgardenlistings, Thompson, We are local and Scoot, and local directories Choose Caversham, About my area and Reading.co.uk.

So, what’s the difference? 

With the national and local directories businesses can sign up for a “free listing”. And with this comes the “opportunity” to pay for a “sponsored listing”. This ensure that you’ll come up higher in results when people search for certain terms say emergency plumber. The cost to the business – a monthly charge for some in the hundreds of pounds plus a fee of as much as £30 each time your sponsored listing is clicked on.

Membership fees? Pay to be on a “shortlist“?

With Check a trade, Trust a trader, Trusted trader, Tradesmen, Rated people, My builder, Bark and The little green book, for a listing trades people have to pay either “membership fees”, or for a lead – essentially an opportunity to be included on a short list of 3 or 4 chosen trades business sent out when there’s an enquiry’s. With some, it’s a double whammy and both a membership fee and short-listing lead fees are payable!

Make no bones about it, these costs are big money. Monthly membership fees of £200 aren’t unheard of. And to be on a shortlist, well this can range from £2 or £3 up to not £50, not £60 but an eye watering £70! All with no guarantee of work. This isn’t great, but for many trades businesses, small family firms and skilled individuals it provides some work, which although pricy can fill gaps and quiet times.

The bad news for customers, is that these advertising costs have to be recovered and result in higher tradesmen prices as well as corners being cut. Often jobs end up being rushed or done with cheaper, lower quality parts and materials.

Trade directory reviews – are they reliable?


Trade directories try to keep this in check with their review systems. Hmm. A nice try on their part – but no cigar! This is because what may seem to be a fantastic piece of work when newly finished. And receiving a 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10, can within months or even weeks need repair or to be completely done again.

For some customers, this can be an expensive problem – with most of the trades directories not guaranteeing work. With the few that do, this usually only covers the cost of the work (typically a maximum of £1,000) and not the damaged caused – which can be substantially more! And too boot, we’ve often been told by customers that getting compensation is a long, drawn drawn out and painful process with the trade directory regularly using spurious terms and conditions to avoid paying out on the substandard plumbing work that the customer thought was apparently guaranteed.

Make sure that your plumber guarantees their work and has valid insurance

At AngusPLUMBING we’re fully insured and always guarantee our work. And don’t need to recover these advertising costs – as we don’t and won’t pay for advertising!

We’re more than happy with relying on our local reputation, providing a great service and of course helping people to build and develop their own plumbing skills. Check out our CanWeHelp? webpage, blog, social media and other publishing if you haven’t already.

We’re pleased to say that since we’ve been going work has been non-stop which is great, and fingers crossed this’ll continue.

We also know that we can do a better job of advertising and marketing our business than a trades directory. Our website and our social media are examples and show how we help our customers, how we’re different to other plumbers and why choosing AngusPLUMBING is a good decision.

We’re trusted by Google. And for the terms local people most often use to find a plumber – “Caversham plumber and “Caversham emergency plumber” we’re on page one and just below the sponsored adds. These are taken out mainly by large national businesses with no connection to Caversham (Plumbing immediately – www.plumbingimmediately.co.uk, Plumbing force – www.plumbingforce.co.uk, The local plumbers – www.thelocalplumbers.co.uk, Rightio – plumber.rightio.co.uk etc.) or by the traditional directories – see sponsored listing above and can cost in the region of £10-£12 each time the sponsored advert is clicked on. Ouch.

By now we hope that you’ll see why our approach is different to our competitors’ and that being different is a good thing for our Caversham, Henley and Reading customers.

Being in charge of our own destiny has been central to our business from day one.

And being different is part of this – helping customers make a better and more informed decision over the plumber they choose to use. It’s also why we won’t and don’t need to pay third parties for leads or their membership-based cookie cutter advertising. As you’d expect of us – being a Caversham business, we pass these savings on to our Caversham, Henley and Reading customers. Again different.

We like being different. Different is good. It’s the AngusPLUMBING way.


Other plumbers working in Cavesham that come with good reputations include –

GJ Button – based in Calcot and cover from Arborfield to Woodley and Marlow.

Reading Plumber – The Small Job Plumbing Company  – they used to be based in Caversham but have moved and now HQ’d in East Reading and service a large area that stretches from Abingdon to Marlow!

Gilkerson plumbing and heating. No website.

FAQ. Water industry & regulation

Customer’s interested in the water industry often ask where they can find out more about the UK’s water regulations and what they should look for when buying taps and other fittings. We always recommend the below organisations as the place to start and to come back to us with any questions.

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999

Legislation governing the supply and use of water in England and Wales.


OfWat was established in 1989 when England and Wales’ sewerage and water and industry in was privatised and is a non-ministerial government department. It regulates the water industry through: 

  • Protecting consumer interest via promoting effective competiiton
  • Ensure that that water companies (sewerage and water undertakers) carry out their statutory functions properly and according to their license

Water Regs UK

Water Regs UK helps water companies to supply safe, resilient water supplies in the UK and protect public health through keeping water safe to drink as well as not wasted

Water Regulations Approved Products

The Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) is a not for profit independent UK certification body for plumbing products and materials. As part of its role it helps consumers and business choose approved quality materials and fittings that keep water safe efficiently.

FAQ. Hours & contact details

14 Heron Island, Reading, RG4 8DQ
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday, SundayBy appointment
07442 966664

We do hope that you’ll take your your time to look around our website and social media. And find out a little more about AngusPLUMBING and our Caversham local plumbers and how we help our customers protect their homes and plumbing, stay safe and save money! 


And if you can’t find what your looking for in our FAQ, you can always find more in our Legal stuff & privacy page – or please call or get in touch.

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so please feel free to ask us to visit for a coffee etc. We’re more than happy to chat about life in Caversham, and if you like anything plumbing.



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