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Welcome to our fully automated on-line bookable plumber service - BookNow.... in Caversham, Henley & Reading. This makes arranging a local Caversham plumber visit - when you want them, a quick, easy process.

No more more having to leave voicemails, send emails, fill in enquiry forms or deal with call centres. 

With BookNow…. in a few clicks you’ll have the peace-of-mind of having arranged the plumbing service you need in Caversham, Henley & Reading including:

  • In-person quotes & estimates
  • On-line / video quotes & estimates
  • Unvented hot water cylinder servicing (this needs to be done annually)

To get started, choose your location from the list below and then follow the promts. It’ll only take a few minutes to complete your booking and if you’ve any questions about what’s needed please give us a call on 07442966664 or get in touch via text, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook

Of course don’t forget to press “finish” once you’ve confirmed the booking. This’ll let us know what you’ve booked and send you a confirmation email as well as the option to save the appointment in your google calendar. And if you’d like to learn how we use your data please go to our Legal stuff & privacy page.

There are more BookNow…. services coming shortly. And if you’ve any plumbing or water management work not included that you’d like to be able to book on-line from our local Caversham plumbers, please let us know and we’ll try our very best to make it happen. 

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